What is 80286 (286 or i286) in Computer Processor?

The Intel 80286 microprocessor, also referred to as the 286 or i286, was created in 1982 and was used in a large number of personal computers at the time. It was the 8086’s replacement and the first microprocessor to use protected mode, enabling it to run multiple programs at once and improve operating system security.

The 16-bit data bus of the 80286 allowed it to address 16 MB of memory. It ran at 6 MHz to 12 MHz clock speed, which was a lot faster than the 8086. Additionally, it had enhanced string and floating point processing capabilities, making it more appropriate for use in engineering and scientific applications.

The 80286 introduced new instructions for better multitasking and virtual memory support in addition to its improved performance. Numerous personal computers, such as the IBM PC/AT and the Compaq Portable, used it.

Although the 80286 was a significant advancement in microprocessor technology at the time, newer and faster processors have since surpassed it. Nevertheless, some legacy systems and older computers still make use of it.

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