What is CAS in DRAM Technology?

CAS in DRAM Technology

Column address select (CAS) is an integral component of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) technology, playing a significant role in accessing data stored on DRAM chips. In this article, we’ll define what CAS is, its workings, and its relevance in modern computer systems.

What is Column Address Select (CAS)?

Column Address Select (CAS) is a signal sent to a DRAM chip that selectively selects one particular column of memory cells for reading or writing. It’s one of the key signals used to address a DRAM chip.

How Does CAS Function?

CAS works by specifying the column address of a memory cell that needs access. The CAS signal then latches this address into DRAM chip’s internal address register. Once added, there will be no more problems accessing that cell.

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