What is 80387 in Computer Processor?

The 80387 was a math coprocessor used in computers during the 1980s and 1990s. It was designed to handle complex mathematical calculations, often working alongside the central processing unit (CPU) of computers to enhance performance.

The 80387 was specifically designed to accelerate mathematical calculations such as those employed in scientific, engineering, and financial applications. It could perform complex operations much faster than the CPU alone could handle them, enabling computers to process large amounts of data more efficiently.

The 80387 was connected to the CPU via a special bus, enabling it to communicate with it and other components of the computer. It had its own memory and registers, enabling it to execute instructions independently of the CPU.

The 80387 was widely used in computers, such as personal computers, workstations and servers. It became a popular choice for businesses and organizations due to its ability to enhance computer system performance.

Overall, the 80387 was an essential pillar in the evolution of computer processors and played a significant role in modern computing.

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