The Computer Turns ON But No Display on the Monitor

If you are also in the group of confused people who are suffering the issue of the computer turning on but the display remains black. 

If your computer’s monitor shows blank black screens and there is no picture appearing when you switch off your PC, these steps can help you identify or fix the issue.

In this article we are going to sort out this issue which is making our computer guys frustrated, but doesn’t worry you are not alone in this, there are many others too who are getting irritated because of this issue of the blank screen, but here the good news is you can easily fix this issue with the below-given methods.

Let’s start this with the easiest one.

Check Whether the Monitor is ON or Not

It might seem simple, but primly you must ensure that your monitor is on. If you do not see energy led (blue-green, blue, or orange glow) at the display’s top or bottom then hit the power button again. If the light doesn’t come on after several attempts, move on through the following segment.

Check Whether the Computer is in Sleep Mode or Not

If you have left the computer for a few minutes and come back to a black screen, your computer is probably sleeping. Try using it with your mouse or clicking buttons on your mouse as well as pressing any other key like the spacebar to get it to wake up. If none of the above actions are successful then click your Power button.

Check Connectors

Another reason behind the black screen could be that it’s because the monitor isn’t communicating properly with the monitor correctly due to poor or insecure cable connections. These steps will help you make sure that the monitor is correctly connected to your computer.

You should double-check all the connectors whether it be the USB cable, power plugs, etc.

Note: If the monitor’s light is either flitting or remaining in the same color (orange on most monitors) then it is confirmed that the monitor isn’t in standby mode by dragging the mouse and clicking Esc Button. If this isn’t working try reconnecting the data cable to your computer, and then back to the screen, and then reboot your computer.

Somehow, if you are able to see the setting menu even with a blank screen, you ensure whether the contrast and brightness are on the optimal level or not.

Trying the Force Start Method

Press the start/power button for continuous 10 seconds so as to make the system forcefully get shut down and then wait for a few seconds and again turn it on.

If nothing happens even after turning it on again, try repeating the same method 3 times, which will launch the windows startup repair.

In the windows repair, startup window choose to troubleshoot > Advanced option > Startup Settings > Restart > Safe Mode

Rectifying Corrupt/Damaged data files

There are numerous causes that could lead to Windows problems with booting, such as damaged or missing Windows system registry, files as well as others. If you want to determine if this could be the main issue you are facing then you should conduct a system scan to identify damaged or broken system files and then rebuild them.

For this, you can Utilize and make use of the Windows repair program Restore to analyze the full PC’s environment and pinpoint the root of the computer not starting. This tool will address issues related to system error as well as crucial computer data. This method is a recommended one to try as this will help you sort out your task Automatically

You would need to install a software called “Restoro”.

  • Step 1: Boot the computer in Safe Mode
  • Step 2: Install Restoro and run a scan 

You can read a summary of the issues found when the scan is completed. Select the “START REPAIR” button to begin repairs. This is a full version, that is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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