15 Interesting Facts About Computer

1. The first Computer ENIAC was 27 tonnes and 1800 square feet.

2. Wood was used to make the first computer mouse.

3. Interface Manager was the first name for Windows.

4. Every month, there are more than 5,000 new computer viruses released.

5. MyDoom is the computer virus that cost the most money in history.

6. Only 5 MB of data could fit on the first hard drive.

7. For eight years, 00000000 was the password for the Computers that controlled U.S. missiles with nuclear warheads.

8. The 4004 was the first microprocessor that Intel ever made. It was made for a calculator, and at the time, no one could have guessed where it would lead.

9. HP, Microsoft, and Apple all got their start in a garage, which is a very interesting fact.

10. In 1980, the first 1GB hard disc drive was made public. It weighed about 550 pounds and cost $40,000 USD.

11. The longest word you can write using only the letters on one row of your computer's keyboard is "TYPEWRITER."

12. About 90% of all the money in the world only exists on computers.

13. The first person who programmed a computer was a woman.

14. MIT's computers can detect when a smile is fake.

15. If there was a computer as smart as the human brain, it would be able to do 38 trillion operations per second and have more than 3,580 terabytes of memory.