Linux Mint 21 based on Ubuntu has updated software and many new features...

1. Bluetooth

Like Blueberry, Blueman doesn't care about your desktop and works well in all environments.

2. Process Monitor

A input monitor was added to Linux Mint so that updates and system snapshots that happen automatically in the background can be found.

3. Cinnamon 5.4

Cinnamon 5.4's biggest change is a major rebase of its window manager. Muffin is now based on Mutter 3.36, and its codebase is much closer to upstream than it was before.

4. Thumbnailers

It wasn't easy to use because some common file types didn't have thumbnails. To fix this problem, a new Xapp project called xapp-thumbnailers was started, and Linux Mint 21 now includes it.

5. Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes app now lets you make copies of notes.

6. Printing and Scanning Improvements

Linux Mint 21 uses IPP, which is also called Driverless Printing and Scanning. This is a standard protocol that lets printers and scanners talk to each other without drivers. Most printers and scanners don't need drivers, and the computer will find them on its own.

7. Artwork Improvements

Linux Mint 21 features a superb collection of backgrounds from Aaron Thomas, Aaron Burden, Calin Stan, Constantin, Denise Bossarte, Dave Hoefler, Evgeni Tcherkasski, Erwan Hesry, Erik Skof, Fakurian Design, Hello Lightbulb, Mike Enerio, Marek Piwnicki, Navi, Paul Carmona, Pawel Czerwinski, Roger Bradshaw, Raphael Lopes, Samuel Ferrara, Steve Johnson , W and Zetong Li

8. XApps improvements

Timeshift is now maintained as an XApp and its translations are done on Launchpad.