NVIDIA RTX Remix | A New AI-Assisted Modding Tool


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Modders can use NVIDIA RTX Remix to easily collect game assets and automatically enhance materials using strong AI techniques.

NVIDIA RTX Remix is a tool for improving the aesthetics of older and classic games (particularly, making ray-tracing-enabled remasters).

RTX Remix will be available soon, allowing you to easily remake DirectX 8 and 9 games with fixed graphics pipelines.

Its ability to take a screenshot of any scene or environment in an old game and convert it to updated textures, objects, and RTX lighting.

The RTX Remix Runtime is a novel, proprietary D3D9 Runtime that allows RTX Remix to collect textures, geometry, lighting, and cameras.

The machine-learning algorithm will crunch the textures, geometry, and lighting, resulting in an upgraded version with enhanced versions and ray-traced lighting.

The components and scene are converted by RTX Remix into the widely used Universal Scene Description (USD) open 3D framework.

Users won't need to learn how to install mods or have considerable tech skills with these AI-assisted modifying tools.