3 Methods to Check What Kind of Computer Do You Have?


Method 1.

Click on the “Start” and now you will see the Windows start screen


Type “Run” in the start menu screen and click on the listed “Run” program

Type "msinfo32" inside the Open field. Click "OK" once you're done

This will open the window that shows information about the system

Fill in some text

Method 2.

Click on "Start" and then type "system" into the search box. Select "System Information" from the list of Programs. Now you will see the System Information window.

Click on 'System Summary' to view the computer's operating system, processor, input/output systems, and RAM

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Double Click on "Components" and select hardware from the list. You'll get its name, manufacturer, driver's location, and more.

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Method 3.

Right-click on "Computer" and then "Properties" button. This process will show information about the computer's model number, operating system, RAM & processor

On a Windows Computer, you will have to use third-party software like CPU-Z or SiSoftware Sandra to find out about the motherboard