Semiconductor Chip Shortage 

What is a Semiconductor?

Semiconductors are substances that cause or produce a channel of conductivity that is shared among different components of an electronic system, especially between conductors and nonconductors and insulation materials.

Why Semiconductor is So Important?

It has multiple applications and is used in a variety of devices including mobile phones, Motherboards, Laptops TVs, radios, infotainment systems of cars and automobiles, etc.

Reason Behind Semiconductor Shortage!


Less supply, More Demand


Supply Chain Were Stressed Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic


Semiconductor Factories Had to Stop Manufacturing Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic


Work From Home Caused a Massive Boom in Electronics Sales


Difficulties in Expanding Capacity in the Middle of a Pandemic

Till When Semiconductor Shortage Will Last?

It is expected to resolve by early 2023. As many countries and tech brands have got together to work on this issue.