What should I do when a Computer freezes or locks up?

If you are also in the crowd of people who are facing the issue of screen freezing, then this complete article- What should I do when a computer freezes or locks up? Is for you.

If your computer has decreased down its working pace almost close to a crawling level and has started to behave quite unresponsively in terms of usability, then you must read this to the end.

In this article about- What should I do when a computer freezes or locks up, we are going to break this problem and come up with a solution at the end.

This has all the needed recommendations, that you must follow and execute (more accurately) in order to fix this problematic issue of screen freezing.

But before starting you must know that there are certain software programs that include some programs that have an automatic save feature.

And, If you were working on an existing document during locking up, the document could be able to be recovered after a reboot. If your program doesn’t include an autosave feature it is possible that you lose all saved work as a result of deadlock or freeze. It is essential that you save work frequently to avoid or minimize this from happening.

But, in case this error is present only in the mouse and it is not moving or getting unusable, then the issue may be in the mouse or the touchpad given on the laptop.  

Follow and try/test the below-given methods to get relieved from the issue. 

Method 1:

Try to wait and hold on to every operation for a few minutes. This would let your system do the pending task or complete any background operation going on, which was interrupted with the ongoing tasks.

It gets slowed down as two or more complex tasks are on it.

Method 2:

Find out whether the computer responds to pressing the Caps Lock Key using the keyboard, and then look at the Caps Lock light to determine if it switches on and (light) to determine if it is on or.

If nothing happens, your system will be deadlocked and you need to restart your computer. If the computer turns off and on Caps Lock, continue to the next step.

Method 3:

Finishing or force closing the previous/ongoing tasks in the background.

This is a quite technical one, as you have to use certain code keys altogether by pressing on the keyboard in order to get your task executed. 

But, to be noted, this step is to be done only and only if the previous one is completed successfully, as this one is linked.

So, if your Caps lock button and LED were working then use it.

When the Caps Lock can turn on and off, Windows is still working However, another program may not be responding, causing the computer to stop working. Click Ctrl + Alt + Del to start to open Windows Task Manager.

If it does, click the Task Manager may open, highlight the application that isn’t responding, to the program, and then select Final Task The process should be able to free the computer. This should allow it to unfreeze the.

It might take a few seconds or maybe minutes to respond but, no worries it will definitely get executed as soon as the background running application is closed.

Again, check that is your mouse now working, if not this would be now confirmed that the issue is with your mouse only not with the system. 

Method 4:

Now try the most common one, which is done by most of the users and it is Rebooting the system. 

If neither of the methods above has worked, it is time to restart the computer. To restart a computer that is frozen simply press and hold the power button until the computer goes off. After the computer has shut down for a short time, let it rest for a few seconds and then switch the computer on again and let it run normally.

In the process of starting up your computer, there may be an error message asking you whether you wish to launch your computer using a safer alternative to start the system manually. Select to Start Windows option and check whether Windows begins to boot up properly, outwardly any issue.

Now, coming to a conclusive paragraph.

If you have completed all the tried and tested methods to resolve the issue but still didn’t come across a good result then you should definitely check for any hardware error and get it done right.

If you’ve tried every step above, but your computer remains frozen, it could be malfunctioning components or an incompatible device driver which isn’t working properly.

A malfunctioning hard drive or sticks of RAM, video card, or another part that is part of hardware could cause a computer to stop working.

A driver for a device can cause a computer to stop working in the event that it’s not up-to-date and is in conflict with other drivers, or isn’t functioning properly.

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