What is Core in Computer Processor?

A core, also termed as processor core is the most integral part of the computer’s CPU. The input commands given to the computer are processed by the Core of the CPU only and are further converted into the output data. 

A CPU consists of multiple cores in it. 

If you also get confused, in terms of “core”, “processor”, and “CPU”, don’t worry we’re here to clear this confusion. 

These terms are almost the same as these components are part of the same unit and most of the time they are these terms are used in place of others.

In real terms it’s the microprocessor of the system that is called a CPU and the CPU is called the brain of the computer due to the fact that the CPU is only responsible for running and controlling the BIOS of the computer. 

The small chip inside the CPU is its processor which does all the calculations and computations of the system and the small computerized micro-transistors constitute together the core of the CPU. 

However the terms “processor”, “microprocessor”, and “CPU” are quite integrated and interrelated in themselves. 

The processor cores are independent or individual cores that are present in a CPU and help in the overall function of the CPU. In the past, the CPUs only had a single core in them but as soon as the clock speed of the processor started touching their threshold it raised the need of having multiple cores in the system. 

Manufacturers added multiple processors in a single chip where they were able to receive more performance and power delivery at an effectively lower price.

Whereas before this they used to put together multiple processors in the computer through this was effective ultimately added a certainly higher cost to the computers. Ever since the independent processor units are called “cores” instead of processors. 

During the mid-way of the 2000s, the multiprocessors were replaced by dual-core and quad-core microprocessors. Whilst only the top-end PCs used to have multiprocessors, today almost every computer has a multicore processor. 

Pro tip: the word “core” is also used in the intel’s processor lineup, which was launched after the Pentium string of processors. Example; Core Duo, Core2, Core i3, Core i5 & Core i7. 

The processors that have two cores in them are called, Dual-core processors, the one with four cores is called Quad-core, 6-cores as Hexa-core, 8-core ones as Octa-core. However, the advancement and need for high-performance devices have led to the evolution of a minimum of a 12-core processor.  

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