Three long beeps during the post sequence on an Intel BIOS are an indication of what type of issue in my Computer?

Three beeps that keep repeating after a break, and happen when you turn on your PC. These beeps tell that there is a problem with your memory of the system.

Three sound beeps are played and stop when the system is able to start, fortunately indicating that the BIOS has been reestablished.

Although other applications might have a similar sound and those that indicate that you must act and fix your computer will sound as soon as the operating system of your computer is on, and the sound will play after an interruption.

The sound will play until the computer is turned off, and then play after it is turned on unless the issue is solved.

A variety of beeps are generated by the BIOS during the bootup or starting time, but when an error is there in the memory, cache or processor error is detected. 

There are a variety of beep guides including Phoenix BIOS codes are long and short beeps that are sent regularly. There are also supplementary sound codes that are applicable to this BIOS.

If you are the one who doesn’t know what is BIOS, check our article here.

But for the time being, read further.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System is a standard firmware program that is used by the computer’s CPU to boot start the system and enables you to arrange the PC and setup details at the very beginning of the booting process.

The BIOS greatly administrates the exchange of data among the OS of the computer and peripheral devices like storage drive, keyboard & mouse, etc. 

These beeps are heard during the POST process, it is basically the self-analyzing system of the computer which stands for power-on-self-test. It does the task of checking the system’s hardware settings for the purpose of establishing connections and booting the system.

Only one beep is heard when the system successfully completes the POST process (at the time of beep). 

Due to any reason, the POST process gets interrupted or may not complete, the computer gives a beeping indication that indicates that there is any problem with the system. 

Every beep has a different meaning.

But we are here to discuss the reason behind Three long beeps during the post sequence.

So, the three long beeps occurring during the POST sequence indicate memory error, especially the first 64kb cache memory.

In order to solve this error related to memory, you must do certain things.

First and foremost, remove or eject any sort of extra memory RAM you have added externally as the secondary memory of your computer, remove such memories before turning it on.

After doing it try to boot up the system, if it goes normal, re-insert the removed RAM and try playing and using it more securely. Original memory can also be installed if this initial procedure goes fine.

One another method that you can try is the cleaning and removing the dust from connection ports and memory bases. But, after doing all the suggested methods including the cleansing and position of the RAM, you would have to buy a new RAM or get the system checked by a technician. 

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