Why does my Computer turn on by itself? (3 Reasons)

This is a quite minor sort of problem experienced by many users, and they only say one thing “why does my computer turn on by itself”. 

Many people are besides having similar issues wherein the computer will turn on after shutting down, but they don’t do so regarding this. It may be initially baffling however, this issue is something to have to do with the power management settings of your computer which can cause spontaneous restarts.

If you are also among that minor group, and going through the same issue where your system is getting booted by itself on its own, and you are like “Is there any sort of paranormal activity going on in my house”.

You can’t even imagine this going on with you and your system, where you switched off your system but after a few hours or minutes, it gets switched on by itself.  

No need to panic, there is nothing wrong with you and your house, there is no haunted soul. Maybe!!

The people who have faced this issue have complained that their computers turn on randomly late at night, and the only solution to make sure it is off is to turn off all power sources like remove the battery, or disconnect off the power source from your wall. This every day has left a number of stirred windows users agitated.

Why does my computer turn on by itself? Even after Shutting it down

When a computer is booted up following a shutdown without reason whatsoever the first thing is to take a look at the power settings of the device. The default settings could have been altered or could have been altered.

You can also go for the option of trying to run a dedicated PC optimization tool bootup, which would help you to relieve some false settings, junk/cache files, malicious applications, and other security issues that can cause some sort of problems in the computer and including your concerns related to slow performance.

Many of the people who complained about this trip noticed that the issue began after the installation of some updates. It’s probable that these updates have altered or changed some of the perspective settings associated with power in the system, causing that PC to turn on, on its own.

It is also possible for the user to make modifications without even realizing it. For instance, if the system asks you to change the power settings when you’re playing a game in order to enhance your gaming skills but it is possible that you are not aware of how you affect the overall system settings, and the effects can be seen to the outside world.  

Now let’s try to break this thing into fragments and try to understand the reason why this happens.

Why does my Computer turns on by Itself?

So, after reading the above passage you might be aware that you are not the only one who is facing the same issue, there are many others too, so one thing is clear (there is no ghost in your house or maybe every one of you has ghosts in your houses).

One of the most well-known reasons for the issue that you’re experiencing is to do with Windows speedy startup settings. But, other elements such as malware and unclean files could be the cause of the problem

Or maybe there might be some other issues, you can check from the below-given options.

You have set wake timers or there are shutdown issues.

Reason 1:

There might be any sort of alarm timers set in your PC or a Wake-up timer set in your PC clock, or else there might be issues related to the shutdown.

Maybe you’re not shutting down your computer completely, that’s why it is showing such turn-ons.

Problems related to shutdown can be caused due to a variety of factors, including an incompatible driver, conflicting programs, or hardware components that are damaged. In the end, the device is able to reboot itself at a regular interval. In this scenario, you might need to alter your Choose What the Power buttons do selection.

Reason 2:

There could be any application or malicious program running in the background continuously and it is not letting your PC gets switched off permanently.

Or, the windows are doing some scheduled tasks which are being run autonomously in the background.

In order to sort out this particular issue, you can briefly scrutinize the task scheduler through the control panel in the windows section.

Reason 3:

Could be any BIOS-related problem which is not letting the computer switch off completely or making it wake up after a few minutes or hours.

Thus, you need to check it out. 

There may be a BIOS issue that needs to be fixed. Enter the BIOS mode to deal with them.

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